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How do you play?

You will get a club and you will have to control all the aspects of its day-to-day working. Each day you will have a match to play and you can check out the results of your team.

When are the matches played?

Matches are played every day (except Sundays) at 13:00 Madrid time GMT+1 at winter GMT+2 at summer).

How do I start to play?

You will need several friends to play along. One of them will be the group's operator, who will be in charge of registering the other teams in the group. Once the group is successfully registered, the group operator will provide the other players with the group ID and key.

Do I really play along with my friends?

At vManager we think there is more fun in a game like this if you can play along with friends or close people. You can create a new league and call your friends to be part of it. Then, you can 'brag' with them about your wins (and your friends will probably do it so). Once a new league is created, more people can register at that league and as soon as you have 4 teams registered you can begin to play. You can start with a small league, with few clubs, and add new teams later.

How many teams made up a group?

A group is made up of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 teams...


Some hints for new players:

- First just take a look. As you enter in your club with your username and password, JUST TAKE A LOOK AT EACH PAGE AND SECTION BUT DON'T CHANGE NOTHING. Just try to become familiar with the menu options at the left side of the page and the general layout.

-Do not buy without thinking it twice. You have available just a limited amount of money; do not waste it form the start because you could find yourself without founds at the mid of the season. Check carefully the market for players and couch and choose your options carefully. Another good move could be to expand your stadium or to build a larger one, so you will get a better income in each match you play at home.

-Nobody can buy your players. For the first 5 days after you activate your account, your club will be blocked: you can sign new player but no one can buy or sign players from your team. This way you can learn how the game works without the risk of loosing some valuable player.

-WARNING: Try to keep your best players' clauses high. Each new team begins with a number of players, but some are much better than the rest. Use your first days at the game to adjust these players' clauses so other clubs do not take them easily from you.

-Try to buy free players. The are usually less expensive than those that have already a contract with some other vManager team, and their price is lowered with each passing day.

-Use the forums. The forums are there to share experiences, to clarify doubts, to get advice, to tell other people which players you are selling and how much you ask for them, etc.

-Read through this guide carefully; it will help you in understanding all the aspects of the game.

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