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Imagine that you have always loved football (ok, this is probably true), you are a successfull and rich business owner and you decide you want to have a football club, YOUR OWN FOOTBALL CLUB!!!...

vManager gives you the opportunity to make your dreams come true (at least in some way). In this game you will have the chance to take over all the relevant decisions that will affect your club, both in the technical (line-ups, signing and firing players, etc.)and economic fields. Your club will be part of a group with other clubs that will play with you the Leaue and Cup. If you manage to bring your club to the top, you will play in the Major Cup along woth the best teams from the whole vManager. Also, you can play friendly games with any other club from vManager. Just take a look at the following sections that includes the basic concepts and mechanics of the game.


Your players are the most important part of your team; everything depends on them. You will have several types of player available for each position. We will define four lines and for each one of them will will have different positions which will determine the role each player plays at the field.

Line Position
GK (Goalkeeper) GK (Goalkeeper)
DEF (Defender) LCB (Left Centerback)
RCB (Right Centerback)
LWB (Left Wingback)
RWB (Right Wingback)
SW (Sweeper)
MF (Midfielder) LM (Left Midfielder)
RM (Right Midfielder)
LIM (Left Inner Midfielder)
RIM (Right Inner Midfielder)
CM (Center Midfielder)
LAM (Left Attacking Midfielder)
RAM (Right Attacking Midfielder)
CAM (Center Attacking Midfielder)
FW (Forward) LW (Left Winger)
RW (Right Winger)
CF (Center Forward)

Every player is also defined by a number of characteristics that controls their skills at the field.

FNFinishing off
PCPhysical Condition

A FW player with a SH and FN can be a good FW, but it will be an outstanding one if the remaining skills are high enough (i.e. QTY to receive a pass, DR to elude the rivals, etc.). Given this, it is nice to have balanced players in each and every position.

All the skills showed above will vary over time. EF and MO change with each match according to the following pattern:

If the player is in the initial line-up:

-The MO is increased in 5 points plus an additional point for each goal scored
- The FC is lowered 1 to 6 points according to his END (the larger the END, the smaller the FC loss)

If a player is convoked but not in the initial line-up (so he begins the match at the bench)):
- The MO is increased in 3 points.
- The EF gets increased in 5 points.

If the player is convoked but is not included in the initial line-up:
- His MO is reduced 5 points
- his FC increases 20 points

It is critical for the players to have both the FC and MO as high as possible. The most efficient way to manage this is rotating them in a way that makes possible that all the player can play regularly but also have time to rest and do not have to play too many matches in a row. This is one of the keypoints in the game.

The remaining skills change as the player grows older.

If a player is younger than 25 his skills can improve:
-If the player is between 25 and 30 . their skills will not improve nor be reduced either
-If the player is older than 30 y.o. their skills can be reduced with the passing of time
- For players younger than 26 y.o., for each 20 matches played (as part of the initial line-up or even if they start at the bench) they can gain a point of SP and/or END. For each 20 goals scored they gain a point in SH and they can maybe also gain an additional point in FN.


The coach helps you to get the best from your players at the field and also keeps them in good physical condition from match to match. The team can work without a coach (in which case the technical team with takes over the duties) but the performance of the players will be highly reduced. The coach is defined by the following skills:



Your team will play in the League and Cup with the other teams of your group. As to win competitions you will improve your rank rating and gain positions over other clubs from virtuaManager.

Aside from the League and the Cup, you can play in inter-group competitions. To access this competitions you will need to fulfil some conditions: first, you need to finish your last league in one of the four highest places and, second, you need to have a ranking score high enough to be included in the list of admitted clubs because the posts for these competitions are limited. For this reason is so important to win the League and/or Cup, as this is the only way to improve your ranking score.


Imagine a real-life football team which is playing the League, Cup and some international competition as the Champion's League. At the weekend it will play the regular League match, and approximately once each month he will play also a Cup game or a CL game. Also, he can play some friendly games from time to time according to its schedule, agreements, etc. so the monthly calendar can get very tight.

In vManager, that full month is pressed in just one gaming week. The matches are played from Monday to Saturday (the Sundays are free, no matches are ever played on Sundays) according to the following pattern:

Each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday counts as a virtual week in vManager, and each real world week counts as a virtual month. Wednesdays are reserved for the Cup matches and the inter-group competitions (Minor and Mayor Cups) are played at Saturdays.

As a consequence from this calendar, those players that do not play the matches on Wednesday and/or Saturday WILL NOT GAIN FC for not being convoked.

Reset of leagues

Each Sunday from 21:00 on (GMT+1/GMT+2 at summer), those leagues that did finish during the previous week are reset. Along this proccess the calendar for the League is draw, as are the matches for the first round of the Cup. The contracts of all the players are also updated, so if you have any player who is in the last year of his contract and do not renew that contract prior to the reset, the player will leave your club to go to the Free Market.

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