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As the main responsible person at the club you will have to take the decisions that will affect it. For starts, you will be able to design the shirts and coat of your club using the Control Panel. These are some of the tasks you will have to take over:

Signing and loans

Being wise at signing-up new players will let your club grow and improve. There are thousands of players available to be signed and you will have to find those ones that better fit to your budget. You can negotiate and trade with other clubs to sign new players and adjust their clauses to keep other clubs from signing them without negotiation.

If you have a limited budget you still can look for players on loan to reinforce your team paying just their wage.


Now you have your team. You will probably need to improve it training some skills from soms players. You can train any skill that is lower than 90 but only as long as the player is younger than 27.


You can sign contracts with different sponsors. The amount of money they will offer depends on how many chances they believe you have to win the League in your group, so it is very important to end each season in the best possible positions in the League and Cup. There are two basic types of sponsoring contracts:

-To bear the sponsor's logo in your shirts. You will get paid for this at the very moment you sign the contract with the sponsor.
- For results. For this one, try to be as serious as possible and do not overestimate your possibilities or you will get nothing at all.

...and much more

At Virtuamanager you can keep and exhaustive control of your accounting, you will manage your stadium, the young players reserve and many other thing, as we will learn next.

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