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Matches' simulations are based on the players' skills, tactics, commands and other factors that affect both your team and your rival's one. The simulation use these skills to determine what's happening at the game. The party is simulated in 10 seconds turns, so for a 90 minutes match there will be 450 turns, and anything can happen.

Line-up and Tactics

As you are planning your daily match, you will have to decide the initial line up for your team. First you must select your tactics (4-4-2, 4-3-3, etc.); you have a lot of options to choose from. Each player must fit a position in that tactic scheme because a player who is playing out from his natural line (i.e. a midfielder playing as a defensive player) will have its performance severely reduced and a player who is placed out from his natural position (i.e. a CM playing as LIM) will have also his performance reduced, but a bit less severely. As a general rule, the best option is to place each player in his natural position.

You will be able to decide the initial line-up, the players who will be at the bench and those who will not be convoked for the match. Keep in mind that those players that are not convoked gain FC pretty fast but the MO is also reduced quite a lot.

Be careful not to include any injured or sanctioned player in your initial line-up or in the bench. In fact those players, even if you put them in the field, will not really play so you will start the match in numerical inferiority.


In Virtuamanager you have the option to use commands to dynamically affect the match if certain conditions are reached (as can be score, match time elapsed, etc.). You can plan substitutions beforehand or change the players' effort if you are winning or loosing the game. This feature gives a great flexibility to your team and can let you even change a match final result.


-Let your players rest from time to time. A player with high FC performs much better than a tired one. The best way to rest is to stay at home (that is, not being convoked for the match); at the bench the FC gain is lower.

-Is a good idea to try to keep the Morale (MO) as high as possible because this will improve the payer's performance. You can do this by including the player in the initial line-up or keeping him at the bench. Those players not convoked to a match lose MO pretty fast.

-Don't include any injured or suspended player in your line-ups

-Choose your season's hot rival, and those matches you play with that club will be more intense and your supporters will be more motivated to attend the matches.

-Change the tickets' prices when you play at home to bring as many people to the stadium as possible.

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