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In this page you will see your stadium and sign for any improvement or extension you want and can afford. At the beginning you will get a modest stadium with 10,000 seats but you can extend it o build a new, larger one; this way you can get stadiums well over 100,000 seats. You can also improve other facilities in your stadiums or even build new ones: shops, parkings...

You can extend your stadium's capacity in two ways:

-Extend Capacity: You can extend your stadium's capacity up to 9,999 seats from it's base capacity. If you have a stadium with 10,000 seats you will be able to extend it up to 19,999 seats but if you want a larger stadium you will need to build a new one

-Build. This option lets you increase quite dramatically the capacity of your stadium but it will be not cheap.

When you decide to make any improvement on your stadium, bear in mind the following issues:

-As long as any work is being made at your stadium, fewer people will attend the matches. This is a way to simulate in the game the difficulties people have to access the stadium and the temporal lose of capacity.

- The larger your stadium the longer it will take to complete the works.

- Try to build the as many shops and stands as you can because they will ad to your daly income

-You can improve your stadium's access and parkings to get more people in.

VIP boxes will let you get better sponsors.

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