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Young Players

In vManager you can have your own reserve of young players. This reserve is divided in different categories depending of the age of the players. You will start with a single category for 17 y.o. players but you can add new categories later (for 16, 15, 14 and 13 y.o., and even up to 10 y.o. in the Pro version).

For each virtual year (approx. each 12 real weeks) you will get a new young player in the lowest category you have active. Each young player has the same skills as a regular player from your team, but you have to develope them. You will see a coded bar over each skill value, this bar is colour-coded following the same pattern as the skills are, and shows you what your technical team thinks that will be the highest possible value for that skill. You can train any skill you want from your young player, if at the following regular match day the players makes good use of the training, that skill will be improved in 1 point. The percentage represent the possibilities your player has to make good use of the training sessions.

You can also improve each category to get better performances from the players you are training.

-Bear in mind the just for growing up, the skills of the young player will got improved.

-Each young player has his own pace of development, one can improve quite fast in the first months and then stop his development and other can improve slowly but in a steady way.

-If a certain skill is trained much higher than the rest, you will reach a point at which you will not be able to train it any more until all the skills values are balanced again.

-To have a great reserve of young players is a long time project.

- The more stars you have in a category, the sooner you will probably get a new young player.

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