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General Issues.

Art. 1

When signing up for a new team or new account in Virtua Manager (from now vManager), or registering a account in the vManager’s Forums, the user accepts and agrees with all and each articles from these rules as a whole and commits himself to and is committed to the strict fulfilment of each and all its articles, otherwise accepting any sanction that can be derived from the total or partial breach of one or several of its articles. Each and every article included in this rules are mandatory upon all the users in the vManager without any possible exception.

Art. 2

It is mandatory upon any user in vManager to know these rules and to be familiar with each and every article included herein and also to know and be familiar with the game rules. Any statement about the ignorance of these rules, their existence or their meaning to justify any breach or its provisions will be ignored.

Art. 3

Every action in the vManager must be done under the premise of fair play. Any action done with any other intention in considered a fault and can be sanctioned. The Administration (from now on, Admin) keeps the right to act whenever deem it appropriate against any user that has breached one or more of the articles contained herein or when for his actions or lack of them, has performed against the essence of the game.

Art. 4

Any coordinate action between two or more teams with the aim of giving any unfair advantage to one of them, to gain any advantage or to avoid any harm or loss derived of the normal work of the game will be considered a Very Serious Fault.

Art. 5

The Admin, both directly or through any designed representative, is the sole responsible for imposing sanctions and penalties, and also of judging any transgression or breach of the provisions included in this rules. Any action done with the aim compelling or putting any pressure over the Admin to compel or avoid its disciplinary actions will be treated as a Very Serious Fault.

Art. 6

Any user who, knowing about frauds, breaching of these rules, deliberate attacks to the system, breaching and stealing of an account or any other action that could by considered illegal under these rules, made by rules by any other(s) payer(s), and take active part collaborating with these actions or in any intent of concealment of the aforementioned actions will be sanctioned with the same penalties imposed to the users who were directly responsible of those actions if their collaboration or occultation is reliably confirmed by the Admin.

Art. 7

The only valid and accepted interpretation of these rules will be the one made and provided by the Admin, its collaborating parties or the designated agents, whose criteria on interpreting these rules will be always to watch for the fair play in the game and the strict fulfilment of these rules. The admin keeps the right to change, modify and/or amend those criteria if they find or considers that the previous interpretation was in conflict of those priorities of fair play and complying of the rules. Likewise, the Admin keeps the right to change, modify and/or amend these rules including new articles, modifying or amending the existing ones, eliminating any article(s) or in any way they consider appropriate if they consider it necessary to keep along with the essence of the game or to prevent any unfair harm or loss to one, several or all the active users in the game. These changes, modifications and/or amendments can be done without any previous notice to the users and they will not necessarily change or alter any sanction or measure enforced for any breach of these rules or illegal actions made previously to these modification or to those that will be taken later, nor will be it considered as a valid argument for the re-interpretation or re-judging or a already sanctioned breach or violation. Any resolution about point actions or facts that is taken by the Admin as a consequence of the application of these rules, or of past or future modifications of these rules, dos not sep up jurisprudence nor can be considered as a precedent established for judging any other action(s), even if they are superficially identical, comparable or similar in nature which can be judged in the future or that already happened be done in a previous time

Art. 8

If any discrepancy or contradiction arises between the different versions or these rules in different languages as are published by the Admin of the vManager, the Spanish version will always be considered the right one for issues related with the interpretations of the rules, its application, sanctioning, allegations and/or any other action or situation in which the interpretation or application of these rules could be necessary.

Art. 9

Any user in the vManager must act and performs always in behalf of the benefit or its own team. In any conceivable situation, if the owner of a team or account in the vManager acts in any way that causes harm, damage or loss in the sport or economic interests of his team, seeking the benefit of a third party or a harm or loss for that third party, these actions or lack of action will be ruled as a violation, being judged and sanctioned according to the corresponding articles from these rules.

Users' debts and Obligations.

Art. 10

Any action or lack of action which will result in the adulteration, manipulation or which will illegally influence the competition will be judged a Serious or Very Serious Fault. Especially, those actions which are done by a user and aimed to deliberately loss a game, to loss several games and any action that are not intended or taken to gain a benefit for the club owned by that user but to give any advantage or benefit for a third party or its interest will be judged as an adulteration of the game and the competition. Also, any coordinated action taken by two or more users with the aim of manipulating or influencing over the market, the competition, the game, the game’s results, gaining unfair advantages for any one of the involved users or its teams, producing any unfair harm or loss for a third party, avoiding harms or loses derived of the normal working of the game will be ruled as a adulteration of the competition, disregarding the means, tools or systems used to accomplish these aims.

Art. 11

The simultaneous (in any given time) control of two or more accounts or team by a single user is strictly forbidden unless it happens for some justifiable cause (as sickness of the legitimate owner, travel, etc.). Absolute control of two or more teams or teams by a single person (multi-account), considering as “absolute control” the full and unrestricted access through the owner’s password, will result in the immediate banishment of the offending user and the cancellation of all the accounts under his control, no matter if they are legitimate or not or if there have been illegal or fraudulent actions done from those accounts, or among, them or not.. If for any justifiable cause the account owner has to temporarily give the control of the account to any other person, he must ask the Admin for a provisional password who will allow the replacement manger to make the changes in the team rooster but not to make any signing up, loan of players or any other permanent change in the account or the associated team’s parameters. If for any reason the account owners gives the owner’s password to any other person, the account owner will be directly responsible of any action(s) taken by the temporary manager and, if the temporary manager has already another account active in vManager, it will be considered as a multi-account and sanctioned with the immediate banishment of all the teams associated or involved and the cancellation of the corresponding teams even if there have not been any illegal or fraudulent transactions among them.

Art. 12

If for any justifiable cause a single user controls two or more accounts or teams, any transaction among them will be strictly forbidden, no matter if it results in a gain or benefit for his legitimate club or the other(s), or with no benefit for any of the teams involved, even if that transaction would be considered legal under normal circumstances

Art. 13

If an active user wants or plans to abandon his team and leave the vManager, it is strictly forbidden to any other team to take the chance to get (on loan or purchasing) one or more players from that leaving team, no matter if they get them by loan or purchasing the players at a lower price. The Admin keeps the right to take over the control of any team to block these transactions if they have previous knowledge of this situation, using any tool or system at hand, including the banishment of the offending team(s), including those teams that announce or make this kind of transactions.

Art. 14

Any action aimed to fix a friendly game is strictly forbidden. It will be sanctioned as a Serious, or as a Very Serious Fault if there were any bet involved.

Art. 15

Any private agreement between clubs which is closed or agreed outside of the limitation of the vManager and its associated system, including but not restricted to: any compensations for a sign up of players, any compensation for the loaning of players, agreed friendly games, etc. can not be the object of any reclamation, complain or demand to the Admin of the vManager, even if the complaining user has written proof, or any proof or any kind of the existence of that agreement. No appeal or claim will be accepted either if they are based in messages sent or received through the official vManager’s services (forums, private messages, forums’ messages or any other service that could be introduced in the future). VManager does not accept or recognice the lelegitimacy of those agreements and so does not accept any claim of breach nor any proof to support those claims.

Art. 16

It will be considered a Minor or Serious Fault to provide deliberately to the Admin any false information or any information that could lead to error or create confusion about system errors, third party operations or any aspect related to the competition’s or the system’s work, especially if it is made purposefully and with any intention to obtain any personal advantage, any advantage to the own team, any advantage for a third party or to harm the interests of any other team.

Art. 17

Any user who owns an active and legal account in vManager has the right to know the motivations of any sanction enforced over his team. To ask for this information he can write to Admin at the following e-mail address: Any question, inquiry or information request sent through any other channel or way including, but not limited to: Forum’s messages, vManager messages, other e-mail accounts (official or not), snail mail, telephone, by word, etc. will not even be considered and can not be presented as evidences supporting a later claim.\n \n Also, the users have the right to know any sentence over any appeal presented to the Admin against the sanctions enforced over their teams. The sanctioned users have the right to make allegations against those sanctions, keeping in mind that no declaration about facts or data will be acceptable unless it can be verified directly by the Admin or their representatives.

Art. 18

Those users who own an active and legal account in vManager have the right to have access to any additional service provide by vManager as long as they have not been banned from those services for disciplinary or security issues. Banned users, users that want to quite from the game in a voluntary way and those who lose the control of their accounts in any way or whatever the reason, in a temporal o permanent basis, lose this right to have access to the additional services provided by vManager. The Admin keeps the right to allow the access to this services in a restricted or unrestricted way to any user, currently active or not, if they consider it adequate for whatever the reason.

Art. 19

Regardless to the provisions of the Art. 16 of these rules, the Admin of the vManager can, in any given time and without previous notice to the affected users including those offending, responsible or accused, enforce any preventive restrictive measure that they deem adequate. At any moment and under any circumstance, the users or owners of active and legal accounts in vManager have the right to ask for, and be informed about the motivations of those sanctions or restrictive measures enforced upon their teams, according to the provisions detailed in the Art. 17. They also have the right to present appeals, allegations, claims, provide additional evidences and to ask for the revision or their case as long as they follow the legal ways to do so and that are detailed in the Art. 16 of these rules or any other legal way that can be approved by the Admin in the future, in a permanent or temporal basis.

Art. 20

For any issue related to appeals, claims, allegations or revisions, as they are defined in the Art. 16 to 18 of this rules, only factual and numeric evidences will be accepted as valid evidence, and only if that factual and numeric evidences can be directly confirmed by the Admin or its designed representatives in a reliable way. Explicitly excluded as valid evidences will be the verbal or written testimonies from both the involved individuals or from third parties about the identity of the involved users, about the relations between them and/or about any other information or evidence that could not be confirmed reliably and directly by the Admin or its designated representatives. The Admin will only admit as valid those evidences that can be verified directly using computer data registered by the vManager system or any other system or component related with vManager and under the control of the Admin. If any doubt or conflict arises, the decision about if any evidence is admissible or not is reserved to the Admin, according to the provisions detailed in the Art. 7 of these rules.

Art. 21

The users and owners of a legal and active account in the vManager have the right to know, at any given time, the full terms and provisions of these rules and in a precise and reliable way about any change, amendment and modification made in part or as a whole to this rules as soon as the modification occurs. The Admin of the vManager accepts to keep this rules accessible at any given time and to make any change, amendment or modification accessible as soon as they occurs, and to inform the users about those changes and amendments using any reasonably way to do so, and to do it before the change or amendment takes place or in the shortest possible lapse of time.

Art. 22

If a GENERAL error happens (considering a general error the one that directly or indirectly affects all the accounts active in the vManager, all the games simulated or the core system) as the games’ simulations is running, all the games in the current MatchDay will be cancelled and repeated in the following suitable day.

Art. 23

If a PARTIAL or NON GENERAL error happens (considering a partial or non general error the one that directly or indirectly affects all only to some of the accounts active in the vManager, but not all of them, or only some of the games simulated but not all of them) as the games’ simulations is running, the non-affected games will be valid and the Admin will consider a reasonable compensation or reparation for those teams affected, a long as it does not produce any harm or lose for third parties. Never, regardless of the nature of the error or the concurring circumstances a single or group of matches will be repeated.

Art. 24

Any claim about an error in the system or the simulation must be sent through e-mail to the Admin in the following address: Any claim or inquiry sent through any other channel or way including, but not limited to: Forum’s messages, vManager messages, other e-mail accounts (official or not), snail mail, telephone, by word, etc. will not even be considered and can not be presented as evidences supporting a later claim. Claims or complains posted in the Forums of the vManager will not be considered valid, but just questions or warnings about potential errors or failures which doesn’t guarantee or imply any action from the Admin.

Art. 25

No appeal, claim or complaint about failure or errors affecting the results or the matches simulated in a given day will be accepted if they are placed after the start of the next day’s simulation.

Art. 26

It will be considered a Serious Fault to conceal, hide or even just not telling the Admin about any error or recurring error in the system (but not the non-recurring errors), that have passed undetected and has not been fixed by the Admin or the vManager developers. If the hiding, concealing or not revealing of those errors give the offending user any advantage in the competitions, transactions or any other activity regulated by the system, or any unfair economical gain for his team or any other third party, the fault will be considered a Very Serious Fault and can result in the immediate banishment of the team and the cancellation of the involved account(s).

Art. 27

Personal and particular mistakes or errors (human mistakes) made by the users in the normal management of their accounts and associated teams, or in any activity related in any way with the vManager are their own responsibility and the user can not ask the Admin for any reparation or change of the result of these actions. This human mistakes include, but are not limited to: unintentional acceptation of any transaction, sign up or loan, unintentional acceptation of any improvement for the club, mistakes in the team’s management or any other aspect that depends of the actions of the account’s owner. Any claim or complain about any error, harm or loss resulting from the management of the club and the teams, or the management of the account in general, will be only acceptable if that harm or loss comes as the result of an error attributable to the system or software and not to a human mistake, and only if that attribution can be confirmed reliably by the Admin.

Art. 28

Is is strictly forbidden the use of any software tool, package, script, routine or application external to the vMangage that can interact with the vManager’s system, the web pages or the systems routines or scripts to alter their normal working, automating the tasks involved in the management or working of the accounts or teams or giving to the owner of the account any advantage over those users that do not use such tools, packages, scripts, routines or applications. This include, but are not limited to: scripts written in any programming language, programs or software tools, web pages, applets JAVA, Javascripts or any other computer tool that, not being part of the vManager system can act in the previously stated way, no matter if it was written and/or programmed by the user or by a third party, unless it’s use has been specifically approved by the Admin of the vManager. If any doubt exists about the legality of the use of any specific tool or pieces of software, the user MUST contact the Admin to inform them about the nature, intended aim, work and effects of the tool or pieces of software and ask for their permission to use it. If any user make use of any of the aforementioned tools, packages, scripts or any pieces of software external to the vManager without a specific permission form the Admin, it will be considered a Very Serious Fault that can result in the banishment of the user and the cancellation of the involved account without previous notice.

Art. 29

Any action or transaction that results in a unfair adulteration or manipulation of the market, giving any unfair advantage or gain to one or several players over the rest sill be considered a Serious or Very Serious Fault. This includes, but is not restricted to: the exchange of players without a reasonable economic compensation or the exchange of payers with a third party involved.

Art. 30

Any transaction between to or more teams made with the aim of changing the player’s contract(s) in a way not possible directly by a renewal in the player’s original team (i.e. raising or lowering the player’s wages, clause or duration of the contracts over the limits put by the system), or that is intended to attain a more favourable transaction for one or both parties, or reducing the cost of a player will be considered a Very Serious Fault if to do so any transaction between the clubs are made with the aim of trick the system or pass over their imposed limitations.

Art. 31

Any compensation or payment made outside the vManager system will be ignored by the Admin when judging the legality of a transaction. Also, the Admin of vManager will not attend or accept any claim or complain for the breach of those external agreements, no matter it’s nature or value, or if they are a signed contract among the parts, a registry or any other verifiable evidence.

Art. 32

Any compensation for the purchase, selling or loaning of players that is related or not with the competition or the transactions inside the vManager, and which would be illegal according with these rules or breach any one or several of their articles will be considered a Very Serious Fault. Also, the proposal of any illegal compensation as defined in this article is considered a Very Serious Fault. This includes, but is not limited to: voluntary loss of games or any action intended to make that loss easier or to give the rival any unfair advantage, voluntary, voluntary, wrong line-ups in official or friendly matches and to give the keys of a group of friends or the passwords of a team.

Art. 33

A team or club will not be entitled to do more than one transaction of the same type (purchase or selling) with the same other team or club in a real time month (which is roughly equivalent to four subjective vManager months). The Admin keeps the right to cancel any additional transaction of the same type (over the first one, which always will be considered legitimate) between two given clubs, without previous notification and regardless the ways used to complete such transaction(s) (an internal system error or any other circumstance). The provision from this article do not limit the loaning of players and any team will be entitled to give up to two players on loan to any other given team for each seasons, according with the limits set by the system.

Art. 34

Matches will take place from Monday to Saturday, from 13:00 to 14:00 (Madrid, GMT + 1). If for whatever reason it would not be possible to simulate de matches at this time, all the matches would be simulates at 19:00 (Madrid, GMT + 1). I f the problem still persists, making impossible or problematic the correct simulation of the games, all the matches would be cancelled until the next applicable day according to the competition being simulated.

Art. 35

It is strictly forbidden to pay or offering any kind of payment or compensations to another team for loosing a match. This includes, but is not restrict to: offering players on loan, offering friendly matches and, generally speaking, any conceivable compensation offered, given or paid to convince another team to lose a game.

Art. 36

The irregular lining up (including, for example, sanctioned players) will be considered a Minor Fault or a Serious Fault y this is done more than one time, as long as the team has enough players to make an acceptable line up in that game

Art. 37

Any purchase or sign up made by a team for a player of another team in the 24 hours previous to a match between them (from the end of the simulation of the previous day’s match until the start of the simulation of tha match between those two teams), will be considered a Serious Fault, and the buying team will be considered guilty and sanctioned according to these rules. This protected lapse will extend to the 24 hours previous to any match played by the two teams one against the other if that match takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday, and to the 48 hours previous to the match if it takes place on Monday or Thursday.

Art. 38

A club (and its associated account) will be considered abandoned if 15 days pass and the owner do not enter the account in that lapse of time. After those 15 days, the account’s owner will not be able to enter or use again that account and the team will be taken over by the Admin of the vManager. Also, a newly created team will be considered as abandoned if the owner do not enter in the corresponding account in the 7 days after its activation.

Art. 39

The players given on lone to any team that get banned form the game for any disciplinary issue, getting abandoned or for whatever other cause, and end up getting inactivated will stay in those teams, on loan, as long as the team keeps playing any official competition. Also, the players on loan will stay in the team until the end of the loan period (end of the season) even if the team is moved to a different group, if a merge of groups takes place or if there is any change to the number of teams in the group after de loaning. In all this situations, the loaning period will be adjusted to the new calendar of the group in which the receiving tema is included, and the owner of the player will not have any right to claim or ask for the returning of the player. If the receiving team is assigned to a new user, he will be not answerable for honouring any agreement between the owner of the loaning team and the previous owner of his team that could have been agreed or signed previously, no matter the nature, amount or clauses in that agreement. If the receiving team is taken off his group, so it will no longer active in at least one official competition, the owner of all the players on loan in that team will have the right to ask for the returning of their players to their clubs, and the Admin will do his best to get it done in the shortest time possible.

Art. 40

It is strictly forbidden the use of the forums, messages or any service that is part or is associated with vManager to make apology of any radical ideology, or of any kind of ideology which will be deemed illegal according to the Spanish laws. Also, it is It is strictly forbidden the use of the forums, messages or any service that is part or is associated with vManager insult anyone or as a way of advertising.\n \n Also, it is forbidden the use of symbols, club’s names, club’s crests, stadium’s names, nicks, alias, images, signing images or any other graphic or text element with any political or ideological meaning, both in the forums and in the game. Also, the use of any graphic or textual elements that could conceivably be considered offending, derogatory or insulting for any group or collective, or any graphic or textual element which attempt against those groups or collectives rights, or imply any kind of discrimination by sex, age, religion, ethnicity, culture or ideology is strictly forbidden.\n \n The only valid criteria and interpretation to decide if a given graphic or textual element is legal or not according to the provisions stated in this article and in these rules, is the one adopted and decided by the Admin. \n \n The Admin keeps the right to modify, edit, replace or alter in any way they consider necessary any graphic or textual element that does not comply with the provisions given in this article without previous notice. Also, the Admin keeps the right to take any action against the offending individuals or their teams and account regardless the modification or not of the offending elements, previously or after that modification. These actions will be considered depending on the kind and type of Fault.

Art. 41

The only legal and official language in the Forums of the vManager is the Spanish. The use of any other language will be under the discretion of the forum’s moderators and administrators, al song as the general understanding of the texts is not compromised. The use of any language different from the Spanish in the firms, images, user’s names, club’s crests, stadium’s names or any other element in the forums or the game is acceptable but could be limited or forbidden if the Admin or the forums moderators so decide, and this limitation can be of whatever nature they deem necessary.

Art. 42

Any action that breech or result in a fault according to the provisions contained in these rules are classified in three categories, attending to the severity of the fault and recidivism: Minor, Serious and Very Serious. The amount of the sanctions or the type of sanctions that correspond to each level of severity are summarized at the end of these rules. The Admin keeps the right to change those amounts and types of sanction according with its own criteria in any given time, without any implied harm nor do entail the right to claim for a revision of any other previous sanction or resolution.

Art. 43

When the same user or any persons or persons using a single account commit two (2) breaches of these rules that are typified in the same level of severity, they will be sanctioned as if the second one was one level higher. So, two Minor Faults equal a Serious Fault, and two Serious Faults equal a Very Serious Fault. In these circumstances, the sanctions corresponding to the higher level of severity will always be applied, that is, if two Minor Faults are committed, the sanction corresponding to a Serious Fault will be applied and so on.

Art. 44

Only those user directly involved and/or sanctioned can place a claim or appeal over an imposed sanction, no third party is entitled, in any circumstance, to place such a claim or complain. Claims and complains must be sent directly to the Admin to be studied. Posts in the Forums or messages of any kind submitted by third, no directly involved parties will not be considered and will no be accepted. A single sanction can be appealed only once and if the sanction is confirmed by the Admin, no additional appeal or claim will be accepted for that sanction.

Art. 45

Those users that were banned from the vManager for disciplinary reasons will be banned forever and if they try to register new accounts or teams, or even taken control, in a legitimate or not legitimate way, of any already existing account, the Admin keeps the right to ban them again as soon as they are detected, even if they have not committed any illegal action since they first banning.

Art. 46

If a transaction is cancelled as the result of a disciplinary sanction and that cancellation provokes any economic lose to one or both teams involved, those teams will not be entitled to claim any reparation for these loses. However, the Admin keeps the right to give reparations for those loses if they deem it necessary or adequate.

Art. 47

If at any moment after the cancellation of a transaction the involved teams try to complete it again, no matter if the do it directly or though a third party, the transaction will be illegal and the involved teams, including the third party involved, will be sanctioned as if they had committed a Fault a level higher than the corresponding to the original Fault.

Art. 48

The admin keeps the right to take any measure or impose any sanction they consider appropriate against those users with active accounts that are involved in any action against the game, the system or other users of the game, even if those actions are done totally or partially out of the vManager. This include, but is not limited to: attacks to the system, threats, insults, slander, libel or any other actions that can cause harm or offence to the users, administrators or workers of the vManager. The sanctions imposed will be according to the action committed. If any of these actions could be considered illegal or constitutive of a crime according to the Spanish laws, the Admin keeps the right to take any legal action that can be appropriate.

Art. 49

Breaching of any article of these rules do never prescribe and can be sanctioned at any moment after they are detected, no matter how many time has elapsed since its commission. The sanctions imposed by the Admin or its representatives, once confirmed after one appeal if it is placed, are definitive and permanent, but the Admin keeps the right to lift them if, for any exceptional cause, they deem it adequate.

Art. 50

Any user who gives the group’s keys to a banned user to let him enter again in the game and register a new account will be automatically banned if the Administration finds evidences that confirm that the user already knew that the other person was a banned user.

Art. 51

Any action that can be considered or intended as an attack to the vManager’s service, system, components or parts will be considered a Very Serious Fault.

Art. 52

A user with an active account/team in vManager can have access only to one set of keys, that pertaining to the Group of Friends in which his team is active at a given time. Intent to ask for, selling, buy or exchange of the Group of Friends’ keys, or any intent to get unlawfully or unfairly the keys from another Group of Friends, no matter the means or ways used to do so, will constitute a Very Serious Fault. Same consideration will receive the selling or attempt of selling of those keys.

Art. 53

A user with an active account in vManager is entitled only to a single account in the vManager’s Forums or in any other service associated with the vManager. The use of previous accounts pertaining to no longer active teams is forbidden, and those accounts can be cancelled at any time without previous notice.

Art. 54

Passwords and any other keys that allow access to individual accounts are the sole responsibility of the users, and the Admin can not be hold responsible of any loss, harm or damage derived of any wrong use of those passwords and keys by the owner of the account. Any claim for stealing or non authorized intrusion by other persons than the legitimate owner of the account will be only accepted by the Admin if there are reliable evidence that indicate that any tool or mean aimed to break or pass over the system security has been used.

Art. 55

The breach of the system’s security or the integrity of an active account in the vManager will be considered a Very Serious Fault, no matter if any economical or sport gain was obtained. Breach of the system’s security or the integrity of an active account takes place as soon as any special tool or software is used to breach o break the system’s security, no matter the nature of those tools or software, or when the person accessing to a given account is not the legitimate owner of the account and has not permission of the legitimate owner.

Art. 56

If for any reason the legitimate owner of a given account wants to leave the game and so he passes over the account (and related keys and passwords) to another user, any responsibilities and debts are transferred automatically to the new owner. If this owner already has another active account in vManager, he must contact the Admin to tell them about this circumstance in a maximum lapse of 24 hours and prior to making any operation or transaction with his new team. Otherwise, it will be considered multi-account and the Admin will have the right to act without any previous notice and cancel all the accounts under his control.

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