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vManager is a exciting on-line simulation game that lets you take over all the aspects of the management of a football club.
1.- User's Data
Now, you must create a user to begin playing in the game.
A valid e-mail address to send you a confirmation of the registration.
With these data you will be identified in the game.
The name with which you will be known in the game.
The Key that will let you enter in the game
Repeat Password
Enter the same text you entered in the 'Password' field above
2.- Team's Data
Now you have to identify your team. Choose carefully the team's and stadium's names.
Team's Name
This is the name for your team in the game.
These are the data that will identify your team in the game. WARNING: any team name or stadium name with political implications are strictly forbidden. Also, the names of real football or sport’s clubs are forbidden. Those teams that does not comply with this rule can be eliminated from the game without previous notice.
Stadium's Name
This is the name for your team's stadium
3.- Group of Friends' Identification
Fill in the key from your Group of Friends. If you don’t have the key for the group, ask your friends for it.
I already have the keys and group number to play along with my friends
If you're not sure what this means, don't write anything
Number of Group of Friends
Number of your group of friends in vManager
Key of the Group
Key that identifies your group in vManager
I have read and agree to the terms and rules of the game
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